Temporal Bone Imaging for Issues of Hearing Loss

Gul Moonis pic

Gul Moonis
Image: columbiadoctors.org

Gul Moonis, MD, has served as a radiologist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston for several years. Listed as a top physician by Castle Connolly, Dr. Gul Moonis focuses her practice on issues related to the temporal bone, such as hearing loss.

If you begin to experience serious hearing loss, your doctor may use temporal bone imaging to help diagnose the problem. Although decreased hearing ability can result from simple issues, such as an excess of wax building up in the ear canal, it may stem from a chronic condition, including cholesteatoma or acoustic neuroma. Other possible causes range from congenital defects to acute otitis media (ear infection).

Your doctor may employ either CT or MRI scanning to image the temporal bone. If you are somewhat claustrophobic be sure to inform your doctor, as you may find the MRI a less desirable option. Following the scan, a radiologist will examine the images, along with detailed information gathered from your examination, and then return a written report to your doctor. Following diagnosis, your doctor will direct you in choosing treatment options.


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